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Colin Farrell's Secret Friend

COLUMNA Hollywood Boulevard

Por: Vera Anderson

26 / 09 / 2012

Colin Farrell's Secret Friend

Colin Farrell’s had more than his share of craziness in his life, by his own admission much of it self-inflicted.

Colin Farrell’s had more than his share of craziness in his life, by his own admission much of it self-inflicted. So one recent afternoon we were talking about just that – the infamous bad boy behavior, the crazy stuff – a perfect topic considering his most recent film role was playing one of 'Seven Psychopaths.' 

“My craziness?” he laughs. “It’s different now. I mean, I just try to live my life. I get to do so much shit, whether it’s through travel or the actual characters I’m playing or whatever it may be, I get to invest myself in a lot of different extreme scenarios and situations. And those random situations are where my craziness comes from these days.

For example?  “Like being asked to read a poem at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral last year. See, this is crazy shit. I met Elizabeth Taylor in Cedars-Sinai when my second son Henry was being born. I was downstairs having a smoke and a couple of guys came up and said they were with Elizabeth Taylor. And so I went ‘Oh, is she all right?’ And they said ‘Yes, she’s fine, she’s just having a stint put in her heart.’ Like it’s no big deal, fucking hell. And I said ‘Well, tell her I said hello. She probably wouldn’t even know who I am.’ And they said ‘Oh, no, she knows who you are.’  And I thought that was one of the more pleasing things I’d ever heard in 34, 35 years of being alive. And that was the end of it.

So Henry was born, and 2 days later I was thinking about Elizabeth. I called my publicist to ask her to send flowers, and she said, ‘That’s funny, there are some flowers here from Elizabeth Taylor with a handwritten note for you.’ To which I said ‘Get the fuck out of here!’ So I sent flowers and then about 2 weeks later she was on my mind so I called my publicist again and asked, ‘Is there any chance I could go and pay my respects and say hello to Elizabeth Taylor?’ So she made some calls, and on that Saturday at 1:00 P M I arrived at her house in Bel-Air as I had been instructed, having stopped off and picked up a couple of things that I felt might be appropriate for such a visit. She kept me waiting in her garden for an hour and then got wheeled out with her big hair and colorful make-up and her little dog - and from there ensued the most bizarre and most unique friendship that I’ve ever had, for the last year-and-a-half, two years of her life. Selfishly I wish I had got to know her before that because I had grand designs about the things we were going to do like helicopter trips to Santa Barbara and so on and so forth. But I got to get to know her in my own version, in my own way. I don’t go to bed ‘til 4:00 a.m. and she was an erratic sleeper as well, so I used to call her at 3:00 in the morning and if she answered we’d talk til 3:30, whatever. I really loved her so much.”



Vera Anderson

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