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Desde el Festival de Toronto, 2 (inglés)

COLUMNA Hollywood Boulevard

Por: Vera Anderson

17 / 09 / 2008

Desde el Festival de Toronto, 2 (inglés)


So Brad Pitt stands us up for our interviews, just doing the general festival press event and taking off. A lot of journalists are pissed – especially my colleagues who only flew into town for that interview. But no time to think about it, just running around the city for interviews with the cast of The Duchess- Dominic Cooper, Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightley, followed by dinner with the director, Saul Dibb. (It’s a rare sit-down dinner - most festival meals consist of whatever tidbit passes by on a tray at whatever reception I can squeeze in between events… )


So it was a good day, that is, until the premiere screening of Fernando Mierelles’ film Blindness. I try hard to like it. I appreciate the ideas, the book, the cinematography (well, sometimes). And the cast. Mark Ruffalo is a friend. But the audience around me is restless too, and by halfway through, many people are leaving the theater. Afterwards I feel nauseous but go to the party anyway because as usual on these days, I’m hungry. They’ve tried to recreate the same cloudy vision sensation with smoke machines that make my hair smell. It’s crowded and pounding, and reminds me of a gay disco in the 1970’s but without the style.  

Vera Anderson

Es escritora, fotógrafa, cineasta y vive en Hollywood con su esposo y su traviesa cachorrita Airedale. Promete estar más activa en Twitter y espera que el guión que escribió con su hermano se convierta en película.

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