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Desde el Festival de Toronto, 4 (inglés)

COLUMNA Hollywood Boulevard

Por: Vera Anderson

17 / 09 / 2008

Desde el Festival de Toronto, 4 (inglés)

I am proud to say the best party (and hardest invitation to get) in Toronto every year is still our own Hollywood Foreign Press - InStyle Magazine party at the Windsor Arms Hotel. The atmosphere is elegant, the food and drink plentiful (and accessible, which isn’t always the case – at the Brothers Bloom party the appetizers were amazing but you could never catch the lone waitress fighting the crowds with her sparse little tray of goodies.) And as usual anyone and everyone who has a film in town shows up – and actually stays. This year it’s Sir Ben Kingsley, Rachel Weisz, hubby Darren Aronofsky and his much-hyped Wrestler star Mickey Roarke, Danny Boyle with the stars of his audience favorite Slumdog Millionaire – young Dev Patil and Freida Pinto, as well as The Brothers Boom Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody, the inevitable Paris Hilton, and on and on. The festival has a few more days to go but as for me, hung over and seriously sleep deprived I’m homeward bound. More to come….

Vera Anderson

Es escritora, fotógrafa, cineasta y vive en Hollywood con su esposo y su traviesa cachorrita Airedale. Promete estar más activa en Twitter y espera que el guión que escribió con su hermano se convierta en película.

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