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No Social Media for Kristen Stewart

05-11-2012, 3:59:37 PM Por:
No Social Media for Kristen Stewart

These days most actors use social media one way or another, to interact with fans - but not this Twilight star..

These days most actors use social media one way or another,
to interact with fans –  they tweet, they
post photos on Facebook, they cross post links and share their political

“Not me,” says Kristen Stewart. “Facebook and Twitter are just not a form of communication that I use  … probably because I am a public
person.  I don’t know.  I think that it’s interesting the
choices that you make with your roles and getting the chance to sort of complete the process by talking about
it. Talking about the work that you do is something that makes a lot of
sense to me. I love communicating in that way about the work that I do, the
movies I make. But there is also an undeniable thing that there is another form of entertainment besides the films that I do – which are the fantasy movies
that people make up and project onto our lives and that’s cool, it’s their
right, but they have nothing to do with reality.
So I am not going to provide more
information, you know what I mean. I find it’s just it’s not interesting to
me.  I would rather talk to people face
to face and anyway, I have no
idea what I would possibly want to be tweeting about so, no, it’s not something
I’m into it.”

all those Kristen Stewart accounts we see on Twitter are not actually her?

she laughs. “That’s not me. I don’t Tweet.” 


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