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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #148 – Halloween Upgrade

Halloween, el regreso de Michael Myers.

October 2018

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Las diferencias entre la música y el cine.

Some days this job is better than others. And certainly a day where Christina Aguilera sits on a stool five feet away from me to sing a song she wrote – well I’d call that one of the good days. The song is from Burlesque, and if the clips I’ve just seen are any indication, the film will be hot – especially Christina’s number “I’m a Good Girl.” 

“Knowing that it was my first film,” she says, “I really wanted to approach it acknowledging that I was a newcomer, being totally open to the positive experience of it and any criticism. I was just a sponge. I wanted to absorb it all and be really vulnerable with my approach to the whole process. I wanted my tears to be real, any pain I could bring to the table from my own past to the character, I wanted to just really feel my character and become her. It’s so different from doing  music video because then you’re portraying yourself, I’m all about self-expression in my music. Whereas when you’re acting you have to become someone else and sort of put yourself on the back burner, and that was a real challenge for me because I’m all about getting all of my emotions out. I had to find a way to put those emotions into my character and try to make her come from a very real place.”

Este texto fue ideado, creado y desarrollado al mismo tiempo por un equipo de expertos trabajando en armonía. Todos juntos. Una letra cada uno.

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