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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #156 – Don Mowgli de la Mancha

Mowgli: Relatos de la selva y El hombre que mató a Don Quixote

December 2018

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Brangelina en la tina…



Angelina Jolie has just fed the twins (Viv and Knox, now three months old) and she is glowing...


Angelina Jolie has just fed the twins (Viv and Knox, now three months old) and she is glowing. It’s amazing how much has changed in her life since we first met. How is she handling it all, and with six kids to juggle how do she and Brad ever get alone time?

She grins the biggest grin. “It’s true, that’s been the hardest thing to find, some alone time – because even if we lock our door, they’re knocking. We often try to go to the bath at the end of the night… and then if they hear the water running, they all (Maddox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh) end up in there with us, they want to jump in. But it’s fun, and it’s lovely. They’re the funniest people I ever met. And then Knox and Viv are just so sweet, it’s the sweetest thing to see them together, they respond to each other a lot more now. Funny enough Knox looks like Brad and Viv looks like me. I think the trick of having six is, once you pass three or four it’s so crazy anyway that it’s just a little more chaos, and it’s all okay. The more the merrier”.

Clara Itzel es una comunicóloga junkie de los animales, TV, cine, libros, tatuajes, pop culture, té & café. La pueden seguir en instagram (@MissClaraItzel) y leer en

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