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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #164 – ¿Podrás perdonar al Oscar?

¿Podrás perdonarme?, el documental Fyre y predicciones Oscar 2019

February 2019

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¡De fiesta en la noche de los EMMY!



Los pormenores de la noche del Emmy en la fiesta de la cadena multipremiada, HBO (inglés).


“It’s a school night,” laughed Tom Hanks at the HBO party, clutching his best miniseries trophy for HBO’s historical JOHN ADAMS. He was only half kidding. “We’re really glad the series won, great cast, killer crew.  But I gotta be at work at 6 a.m. tomorrow. I’ve only got about 15 minutes left in me!”

It’s a lot of work being an Emmy winner, because just two parties and I’m exhausted! This year’s televised ceremony was longer and more disorganized than usual, then there’s the Governor’s Ball, a must for all the winners and nominees – and a slate of private celebrations scattered across town, from downtown Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. My lucky party picks were HBO  (very celebratory after claiming 26 trophies) and a very private soiree hosted by AMC, the little basic cable station no one ever heard of a year ago, that won Best Drama, Best Writing (Mad Men) and Best Actor in a drama (Breaking Bad).  HBO’s party was big and fabulous and still going strong when we left near midnight to go party with my friend Matt Weiner, the creator of my fav TV show Mad Men – which is set in 1962. “That’s a very similar time to where we are now as a country,” he says. “We’re in this moment of greatness and asking, “Where are we going?’ The Kennedy-Obama comparison is certainly there, but it’s the feeling of, this is the greatest country in the world but with all the greed and luxury, is there an emotional bankruptcy? Is there a freefall going on in our national image?”  There’s something ironic about this being said while drinking French champagne on a penthouse terrace overlooking Sunset Boulevard, at the infamously indulgent Chateau Marmont Hotel…

Es investigador del Programa de Culturas Digitales de la Universidad de Sydney. Es el editor fundador de y escribe sobre cine, televisión y tecnología en diversos medios nacionales e internacionales.

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