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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #148 – Halloween Upgrade

Halloween, el regreso de Michael Myers.

October 2018

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Desde el Festival de Toronto



La nueva película de David Shwimmer, Trust + Danny Boyle + Woody Allen.

Liana Liberato, Catherine Keener, Clive Owen y David Schwimmer, director de Trust.  

Toronto can’t help but be a let down after the Venice Film Festival – for a start it’s just not Venice. Beyond that, whether I’m jaded or it’s the economy, the Toronto Film Festival doesn’t seem as much fun or exciting anymore. Unless maybe you’re a filmmaker premiering your film. But Toronto is feeling less like a celebration of film these days and more like a business market. Even the parties, well most of them, seem corporate.

That said there is still a lot of celebrating. Director David Schwimmer with his cast Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and newcomer Liana Liberato hit the red carpet for the premiere of Trust, about a teenaged girl targeted by an online predator. “No one believed it was going to get made because of the subject matter,” says the former Friends star. Another ‘buzz’ film that struggled to get made is Robert Redford’s Lincoln assassination movie The Conspirator, starring James McAvoy, Kevin Kline, Justin Long, Robin Wright Penn and Alexis Bledel. But the two films so far that stay with me are: Let Me In (remake of Swedish film Let The Right One In) which stars Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) as the young teen vampire and Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) as the boy who befriends her; and Danny Boyle’s powerful 127 Hours, starring James Franco as the real life climber Aron Ralston who – you might remember – sawed off his own arm with a dull knife to save his life after a hiking fall. Woody Allen’s delightful You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger is also noteworthy, a sort of throwback to his older stuff. When someone asked the shy director how he would describe himself if he had to post a profile on a social network. “Unreliable worm,” he grinned.

Alexis Bledel en la alfombra roja.

On the party circuit: the Entertainment Tonight party for Barney’s Version (starring Paul Giamatti and Rosamund Pike) was a big hit in spite of some unexpected obstacles: When the elevators died some golf carts were recruited to transport guests up the steep spiral driveway to the rooftop. Then the generator supplying all the power for the party actually burst into flames, but the party went on undaunted in the dark until a new generator arrived. But other parties are just dark and crowded, lots of vodka drinks (seems like every prestige vodka label is sponsoring at least one festival party) – which could be ok under the right circumstances, but there’s never enough food to sop it all up.

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