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December 2018

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Fun and games on Game of Thrones



What goes on, off-camera on the HBO series? 

Sitting down in London with Emilia Clarke (Princess Daenerys Targaryen) , Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Kit Harrington (Jon Snow), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister/ Queen Cersei Baratheon) and Michelle Fairley (Lady Catelyn Stark) ….  and somehow the conversation turns from what secrets they might reveal for upcoming episodes (none!) to, do they check in the books to see if and when their characters die?

EMILIA: Just read until the character stops happening (Laughter).  No, I haven’t personally done that.  Have you?

KIT: I sort of I just take each season as it comes. I don’t ever assume we’re going to get another season and now we’re about to shoot the third.  I’m not assuming we’re going to get a fourth.

LENA: I think if anyone on this table will die, it will be me (Laughter) so that’s my guess.  Not necessarily true.

KIT: I think it’s quite important not to get too far ahead of yourself Otherwise it starts affecting how you’re going to play the character so it’s just important to take one book at a time or one season at a time.

EMILIA: Definitely and if it all, I know for Daenerys especially it feels like a different character every season because so much changes and you’ve got so many new characters being introduced that kind of each season just feels like a completely new show, a completely fresh character. So I think it’s really important not to read too far ahead because you can start kind of playing it too far ahead.

KIT: End game.

EMILIA: End game exactly.  I’ll start coming in with the throne… (everyone laughs.)

RICHARD: There’s too much death going on for laughs. But then we could probably make a whole comedy sketch just about how many times we follow over in the mud. Because it IS up to your knees.

EMILIA: Remember in Season 1 when I was covered in blood and I got stuck to the loo seat [toilet seat] because it was sticky blood. I stuck my knee to my knee and then myself to the loo.

(more laugher)

MICHELLE:  they pretend like…

RICHARD, interrupting: They’ll write a scene like, Your character just abruptly dies. And you read it and you’re like what? They did a really good one last year with Alfie (who plays Theon Greyjoy). They wrote a whole episode where Alfie was killed by Bran Stark on the back of Hodor. Everybody believed it, and he took it quite well but was quite relieved to find out it wasn’t true. They do stuff like that to us all the time.

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