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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #156 – Don Mowgli de la Mancha

Mowgli: Relatos de la selva y El hombre que mató a Don Quixote

December 2018

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La guerra de los Roses, el remake



Nuestra corresponsal en L.A. habla del sonado divorcio entre Madonna y Guy Ritchie.

It was only a few weeks ago at the Toronto Film Festival, at the premiere of his Rock’N’Rolla when Guy Ritchie responded to a question about Madonna, laughing, “I think her tour is fantastic, I went and saw her in Cardiff and couldn’t have been more impressed!” What impressed him? (more laughter) “I like her, she’s the best thing in it!” Does she like his movie? “She loves my movie, and if she didn’t I wouldn’t tell you!”

Well that was then and this is now. The couple themselves are, for the most part, keeping mum – she’s still on tour and he’s just started shooting his new film SHERLOCK HOLMES. But with the ink on those recently filed divorce papers barely dry, the tabloids – especially in Britain – are having a feeding frenzy. Tales of Madonna’s romp with baseball star Alex Rodriguez are old news, with the new gossip getting much uglier – like  the claim that Ritchie described sex with his wife as “cuddling up with a piece of gristle”
or a public screaming match where she called him a coward over eating chocolate bars and called her “old and wrinkly.”

Reps for both parties refuse to comment, except to deny rumors that a settlement has been reached regarding their $600 million combines assets.


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