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Podcast de Cine PREMIERE #160 – Belzebuth y documentales


January 2019

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Oliver Stone hace berrinche



Lo entrevisté y se quejó del Presidente Bush, ¿pero por qué no lo hizo en su película?

“How you doin’?” I ask Oliver Stone the day after his film W. premieres in Westwood. He smiles, “That’s the most compassionate question I’ve heard in a long time, thank you. I am tired, man. We never stopped, it’s the fastest movie I’ve ever done, and for a moderate amount of money. At least by American standards very little, (laughing) but those standards may change at the rate the economy is going.”

Speaking of the failures of George W. Bush, why did he choose to make this movie now? “Because it’s urgent. The man has changed history, he’s changed America, he’s changed the world. I have never felt such urgency in my life. He’s a clown but as a dramatist I wanted to humanize the man, he was a failure until 40, a man of excess. I don’t judge him for that, I’ve had those troubles too. Now he calls himself ‘The Decider’ and thinks he’s some John Wayne character who always goes for his guns. I’m voting for Obama, but whoever wins the election is going to be entering into the shadow of such tremendous negative impact from Bush. How can he ratchet back the eavesdropping? How is he going to get us back to the Constitution? How can he repair the damage done by the Bush doctrine, you know – the one Sarah Palin didn’t know about? Bush has broken all the rules for so long, we don’t know what the rules are anymore.”


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